Alun Maxwell

All Along The Watchtower
Jimi Hendrix

Callum O'Neill

Dead Ringer For Love
Meat Loaf

Charlie Buckland

Oliver's Army
Elvis Costello and The Attractions

Debbie Norman

Make You Feel My Love

Jeff Benveniste

Mr Blue Sky

Jonathan Bradley

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Kirsty Yates

Five Years
David Bowie

Lucy Sengelow

The Power Of Love
Huey Lewis

Mike Sengelow

Led Zeppelin

Victoria Strachan

Sound and Vision
David Bowie

Claire Knights

Proud Mary
Tina Turner

Sally Gooda

To Be With You
Mr Big

Sally Camden

Walking On Sunshine
Katrina and The Waves

Emily Dalzell

Queen Of The Night

Christabel Smith

Ain't No Cure For Love
Leonard Cohen

We value focus and effort.
We value thinking and humour.
We value knowledge and learning.
Before people can adapt to change they need to feel ready for it. Readiness means that people involved in that change are focused, practised and prepared to act. The same rules apply to our own team.
We focus on our own learning and impact. Practising new approaches and scenarios on a frequent basis so that we can adapt and integrate extremely quickly to our clients needs.
The best way to describe the way we work is a collaborative, fluid, non-hierarchical team, that genuinely loves making a positive difference to people's work lives. We have a lot of fun, but make no mistake, we are deadly serious about what we do.