Today's businesses are facing constant, tumultuous change. With the challenges of new technologies, new competitors, new markets and demands for greater performance, their attempts to manage structural, process and cultural change often fail. None will work without dynamic performance conversations at their core.

Being prepared and ready for this level of continual transition and change requires a dynamic skillset and mindset, focused on the growth and agility of the operation and the talent within it.
Organisations must invest in the frequency, quality and impact of everyday conversations. The return on that investment happens when those conversations become dynamic.

2017 'Ready for Change' Survey Results ( Download PDF )
Honesty ( Download PDF )

Many managers find it difficult to demonstrate honesty, we look into why that is and what can be done about it.
Clarity ( Download PDF )

Why is it so important to have clarity of voice, purpose and meaning through operational and cultural change? We explore a way of looking at things through the medium of the octopus.
Engagement ( Download PDF )

Knowing focusing and valuing individuals and teams are essential measures that no manager should overlook. Dynamic conversations depend on high levels of mutual engagement. We consider the conditions required to make this happen.