There are 2 big questions on Global Edge's lips:
At this time of tumultuous change, what does your organisation need to be ready for?
Are you harnessing the power of dynamic conversation?
Here are the highlights, gems and golden nuggets from Global Edge's 'Ready for Growth and Change' insight day on 25 May 2017...

William Rogers, CEO of UKRD Group, has led his multi-media company through vast change, including the analogue-digital revolution. UKRD has been voted The Sunday Times Best Company To Work For four years in a row and William was voted The Sunday Times Best Leader in 2012, 2013 and 2014:

'Readiness, engagement, people and culture should drive the heart of every single company's policy, irrespective of its size and sector.'

'The only thing we know with certainty is we're going to have to confront change. If your organisation is ready to tackle those changes, you will be far better- placed to manage them when they hit you full in the face.'

'Everything in our business is filtered through our core values: open, honest, fair, professional, fun, unconventional. They give permission and structure to the conversations at every level, in good times and bad.'

'Your culture and values are the most important things to invest in, to create that commonality of view that locks people in to engage effectively.'

'Behaviours drive performance. You can have as many processes and procedures as you like, but if you don't have the behaviours that align those to your objectives, you miss the opportunity to maximise the input of every person in the company.'

'If you have managers that don't walk the walk as well as talk the talk, they will destroy your culture and you should remove them.'

'Developing people is fundamentally important. Most companies have a strategy for the capital investment, they have a marketing plan, a business plan, but they don't have a people plan.'

'What is the point of an annual appraisal? It's an instantly defensive proposition. Focus instead, in a bespoke way, on the individuals you want to lock in. Don't slot a person into a plan, wrap a plan around the person.'

'Have clarity of focus in your people policy. If you don't have genuine development conversations regularly, how will your individuals and departments manage change when it happens?'

'We give every person in the organisation training in dynamic conversations. Great ideas surface that wouldn't otherwise. Responsibility for solving problems is placed in the hands of the people and there is nothing more valuable.'

'If your create an environment where everyone is prepared to converse at every level, your organisation is better prepared for the growth and challenges it faces.'

'Having an open culture is hard work for managers.'

Global Edge prepares organisations for growth and change, harnessing the power of dynamic conversation.

Partner Jeff Benveniste invited guests to consider some vital questions:

'What are the things your organisation needs to be ready for?'

'Where are the gaps? Where might you not be ready?'

Jonathan Bradley, also a Global Edge partner, introduced 'The Ready Triangle' and spoke of the urgent need for leaders to have crystal-clear vision and frequent, impactful conversations to support it:

'People need to practise, practise, practise, to make their vision inspirational.'

'Bombardment by texts, emails and other interruptions is impacting the messages we need to deliver.'

'When did you last inspire someone in your team and what's your campaign?'

'Developmental conversation is about the other person's potential to think, solve and achieve.'

'Global Edge uses the concepts of airtime, airspace and air cover. It's about giving everyone, from direct report to the CEO, the right level of risk so they can innovate - and sometimes fail - within a contained environment.'

'The ultimate test of whether your organisation is ready is found within the frequency, quality and impact of the conversations that go on every day.'

'Build your relationships with trust and collaboration. The bigger the relationships, the greater the conversations will be.'

'Management is about specific objectives, divided by tasks, equalling measured outcomes. There's clarity in that, but there must be a clear line of sight to the vision. The bottom line is: high-trust teams = high-performance teams.'

'What does trust really mean? "I trust the integrity of my leader to do what's best for the business and for me". Without that, nothing's going to fly!'

Dr Elizabeth Healey is a broadcaster, presenter, executive coach and neuroscientist:

'Readiness starts with you yourself. "What am I bringing to the conversation? How do I feel about going into it?"'

'Thinking about what your expectations of a conversation are will affect your physiology. When you get prepared, the feel-good hormone dopamine in your brain goes up and doesn't get overtaken by adrenaline and cortisol [stress hormones].'

'If someone comes unprepared into a conversation, we start to feel nervous ourselves. Being ready, practising and doing an individual, personal audit, will make you feel better - and our feelings drive our behaviour.' 'When you're developing someone, it's how they feel that will drive them or demotivate them. It's developmental.'

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